Sunday, October 15, 2017

A tiring week

I've been so tired all week that when i was going to do a blog post yesterday i just couldn't think what i'd done all week. I do know earlier in the week i read & slept quite a bit. I really hate these episodes of exhaustion but it's part & parcel of my health issues. So after much thinking i remembered i'd finished another stitchery in Ruth's Quilt & started another
It's going to be a very no fuss stitchalong for me.

 Next was my coffin quilt. I finished a row on the left side, decided to add a row on the right side because the lady i bought some prepared coffins of used paper rather than card to make them up & sadly it was affecting how the coffins were holding up. Now it sits better having the stronger cardstock. A top row was also added & ive started another row at the top.
Now i've been sucked in to start another quilt. It's a sew along making a hexagon quilt based on a book by Leah Zeiber called Libby Morgan: Reunion. It is set in 1855 & everyone is using fabrics from the time & they are fussy cut. I really don't like fussy cut as it wastes too much fabric but i've been trying really hard to get over my aversion. :)
My first 11. Crap photo's today as it's raining & therefore very dark. I turned the light on but it didn't really help. :(

I did also make up hexies for my 100 days. 49 to 59

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, October 7, 2017

FNwF October

I was going to put the binding on my recently quilted top. I even dragged out fabrics to see what binding would look the best. But it was just a little to hot to be doing that. Instead i finished making up coffins
the last 26 to make 1000 of them. All that's left is the half coffins & the side pieces. As i'm not sure how many of those i'll need i'll make them up when the top is together.

After that it was onto some embroidery. I started this little one on Wednesday night & finished last night.
The pink/green combo is a little hard to see as it is very overcast here. Hopefully there will be rain as we badly need it.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Prepping & EPP

Yesterday i traced out the stitcheries for Ruth's Quilt. The cat decided i needed very close suppurrvising.
I hadn't decided what colours i would do the quilt in until i went through my Cottage Garden Threads. I found exactly what i wanted
The fabrics will be in greens & pinks.

 After lunch i cut out the next 4 blocks in Round We Go BOM. They went together very quick as i finished them before bed
Now to wait for month 4. I hope it's an easy one too. 😊.

I went to the craft show today & picked up a quilt from Fiona. When i came home i put it on the lounge & decided to see if 2 quilt tops, backing & wadding would fit in the mail bag Fiona returned to me. I then sat it on top of the bag on the lounge. I go out & come back to this
Darn cat. Makes herself at home anywhere.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Stitching week

During the week i finished of the last 2 letters of Mr W's banner.
Made the next 8 blocks for Icecream Soda
This is all 64 stacked together. Another 2 months is left in the BOM.
Last night i caught up on my 100 day hexies.
36 to 48 for both the brights & the repro's. Now to get the next 4 blocks of Round We Go done.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Purplicious Mischief

The EPP part of Purplicious Mischief is done. I figured why i was short the white & black joining pieces & it was not my doing. :)
Even comes with a photobomber. :) lol. I just have to cut the border fabric now & applique the top onto it.

Happy Stitching,